Apart from other construction works the FAST GROUP BALTIC performs diamond drilling. We offer the quality and competitive services using the up-to-date equipment and expertise in the area of diamond drilling. The main field of the company’s activity is the UUSIMAA region.

Equipment, transfer to the Greater Helsinki area: EUR 88.
Use of water aspirator EUR 22 / day. Pressure vessel EUR 22 / day.
Working hours and waiting hours EUR 40 / man / hour.
Minimum charge: EUR 180.

Floor´s hand sawing 1,5x price. Drillings and sawings into stone above. Prices as 2x or 10x. Drillings and sawings upward - the aforesaid wall drilling prices 2x.

The prices are ex-tax net prices, with VAT 24% to be added.

The customer shall be responsible for marking of workplaces, environmental protection and post-cleaning. If any pipe or conduit hidden in the structures are damaged, the repairs and indirect damages shall be the responsibility of the customer. We are part of the ‖ tilaajavastuu.fi service.